Representing New Jersey’s 19th legislative district in the General Assembly since 1996

Wrote the law that strengthens Teen Driver Safety

Authored legislation making Megan’s Law even tougher

Deputy Speaker of the General Assembly
since 2004

Fought a privatization plan that would have resulted in astronomical toll hikes.

Chairman, Transportation & Independent Authorities Committee

Member, Environment & Solid Waste Committee

Brought home Millions to improve our roads

Co-Chairman, New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation

John’s story is a real New Jersey story. Brought up in a middle class family in Sayreville, John was encouraged at a young age to adopt the same values espoused by his parents and neighbors – the values of all working families.

Raised by his father Felix, a local millwright at the National Lead factory, and his mother Cecelia, John was taught at an early age that working hard is not just about enriching yourself, but about improving your community. This was a lesson John learned well while helping his father run for and win a seat on the Sayreville Borough Council, and watching him serve as a union official for the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers Union. Encouraged by his family and friends, John became deeply involved in his community. He would often be seen around town organizing a charity drive, raising the public awareness of an important local issue, or mobilizing the youth to get involved in the political process.

John was first elected to the New Jersey General Assembly in 1995. Although he has been overwhelmingly re-elected nine times by the voters in the 19th Legislative District, he’s never forgotten where he came from or the countless people who helped him along the way. His personal experiences are the driving force behind his most meaningful legislation.

As the Chairman of the Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee, John understands that we need to smartly invest in our infrastructures future. That is why he successfully fought a plan to turn our toll roads over to private investors that would have resulted in astronomical toll hikes. Recently, he's been a leader in regards to transparency at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

A lawyer and managing partner of Wisniewski & Associates, Inc., John sees the waste generated by redundant legal services at all levels of government. That is why he sponsored a ballot question that would change how regional municipal court judges are appointed, which, in turn, would have removed a significant barrier to municipal shared services and property tax relief.

As a father of three, John understands that the safety of our children often takes precedence over everything else. That is why he is fighting to improve the safety of teen drivers in the state of New Jersey by ensuring that they are adequately trained and prepared for our busy roadways.

Using his experience as Chairman of the Fire Safety Commission, John has been a strong advocate equipping our buildings with sprinkler systems and introducing a real fire safety education curriculum in our public schools to teach the next generation critical safety procedures during an emergency.

Making smart fiscal decisions. Standing up for working families. Promoting public safety. Those are the values that shaped John, and those are the values that shape his work representing us. Time and time again, John’s leadership has fundamentally changed Trenton to address the real issues affecting real people.