In NH, Wisniewski Says Sanders Shows What Politics is ‘Supposed to Be’

The Assemblyman talks Sanders, New Jersey and what's next.

By Alyana Alfaro | 02/09/16 1:07pm

MANCHESTER – The Red Arrow Diner is the quintessential American greasy spoon: circular red bar stools...

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What John has done:

For the first time in New Jersey’s history, John helped draft a budget that reduces State spending for two consecutive years. In Fiscal Year (FY) 2010, the enacted budget was $3.9 billion less than in FY2009. The budget also mandates that roughly 50 cents of every State dollar be spent on property tax relief – which totals over $15.4 billion in property tax relief.

Related Issue: Bringing Help to Your Community

Large statewide issues are important – so is coming through on local issues. Here are a few projects John is working on in our communities:

  • To ease congestion and improve safety, helped get the Department of Transportation to put $27 Million into the Route 27 and Wood Avenue project in Woodbridge.
  • Fought for $13 Million in improvements for South Amboy’s Train Station and intermodal transportation system.
  • Secured $120 Million to improve the Turnpike Exit 12 and up to $25 Million to improve the Waterfront Parks in Carteret.
  • Brought home more than $10 Million to fund the Main Street Bypass and plans to create a 300 spot commuter Park and Ride in Sayreville.
  • Helping make it easier to get around Perth Amboy with the High Street connector project.