In NH, Wisniewski Says Sanders Shows What Politics is ‘Supposed to Be’

The Assemblyman talks Sanders, New Jersey and what's next.

By Alyana Alfaro | 02/09/16 1:07pm

MANCHESTER – The Red Arrow Diner is the quintessential American greasy spoon: circular red bar stools...

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What John has done:

As Chairman of the Assembly Transportation, Utilities, and Independent Authorities Committee, John has led the fight to stop powerful interests from raiding the Transportation Trust Fund, and he is making sure the money is only spent on what it is intended for – improving our roads and protecting New Jersey’s drivers.

Related Issue: Using Common Sense to Save Taxpayer Money

John is working on legislation that would permit the use of a decal system in place of special license plates. Currently, the state is spending nearly $90,000 for the manufacture and stocking of each special plate. Under the Wisniewski Plan, a single customizable license plate would be produced where upon a representative decal or medallion could be placed.