In NH, Wisniewski Says Sanders Shows What Politics is ‘Supposed to Be’

The Assemblyman talks Sanders, New Jersey and what's next.

By Alyana Alfaro | 02/09/16 1:07pm

MANCHESTER – The Red Arrow Diner is the quintessential American greasy spoon: circular red bar stools...

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Education is one of the most important responsibilities of government. It provides a foundation for the future success of our children and our economy. It is an issue that requires the constant attention of any legislator.

All of us recognize that there are always opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our public schools. But recently, the public discussion of education in our state has taken on a harsh and bitter tone. I’m particularly concerned that our Governor, in an effort to pursue his own political agenda, is attacking our entire public education system with rhetoric more concerned with placing blame than finding solutions to the problems that exist.

What gets lost in the Governor’s heated language is that New Jersey’s public school system is among the best in the country. The state’s student test scores in reading, writing, math and advanced placement and our graduation rates consistently rank in the top 10% nationally and are frequently higher.

Problems still remain and require our attention and there are areas where we can make improvements, but the situation is far from the dire picture our Governor paints. It is also ironic that as he complains about our public schools, Governor Christie has also cut their state funding leaving towns with the difficult choice of cutting school budgets or raising property taxes.

As the legislature considers proposals such as those to expand charter schools and to revise teacher tenure, I assess these bills with two questions in mind. Will a legislative proposal preserve the best in our public schools and will it offer the opportunity to improve the education we provide our children?

The public debate about education in New Jersey should not be driven by ideology or vendettas. It’s about our children and their future. As your Assemblyman, my commitment is to always do what is best for them.