In NH, Wisniewski Says Sanders Shows What Politics is ‘Supposed to Be’

The Assemblyman talks Sanders, New Jersey and what's next.

By Alyana Alfaro | 02/09/16 1:07pm

MANCHESTER – The Red Arrow Diner is the quintessential American greasy spoon: circular red bar stools...

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What John has done:

As a father of three children – two of whom are soon-to-be drivers – John absolutely understands that the safety of our children often takes precedence over everything else. That is why he is fighting to improve the safety of teen drivers in the state of New Jersey by ensuring that they are adequately trained and prepared for our busy roadways. (read more about his plan by clicking here)

Related Issue: Making Sure Fire Safety is a Top Priority

As Chairman of the New Jersey Fire Safety Commission, John has been a strong advocate for banning the sale of novelty lighters, equipping our buildings with sprinkler systems, and introducing a real fire safety education curriculum in our public schools to teach the next generation critical safety procedures during an emergency.