Chris Christie’s Undeserved Endorsement from the Union Leader

December 11, 2015

Assemblyman Wisniewski sent the following letter to New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper following its endorsement of Chris Christie’s presidential campaign

Dear Editor,

While the Union Leader is entitled to its opinion on who is best suited to be the next President of the United States, your editorial in support of Governor Christie rests on misconceptions that seriously mislead your readership.

New Jersey homeowners still trying to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy would be incredulous at your statement that he “dealt admirably with major disasters.” His “strong set of conservative values” doesn’t mesh with New Jersey’s exploding debt and the nine cuts to the state’s bond rating under his leadership. Legislative Democrats who negotiated pension reform with the Governor only to see him break his word would dispute your contention that he “can work across the aisle.” The candidate you describe as someone who “believes in what he says” would be unrecognizable to New Jersey’s police and emergency responders who had candidate Christie tell them their pension was a "sacred trust” and nothing would change.

As for “telling it like it is,” the Governor who claimed to be appointed a federal prosecutor on September 10, 2001 wasn’t even nominated until December of that year. In New Jersey, Governor Christie is better known for hiding behind executive privilege, even with federal prosecutors, and fighting the press so that he can hide public records.

Beyond all these concerns are the questions about Bridgegate. With three indictments and investigations continuing, Governor Christie’s involvement in these, at best, unseemly activities has yet to be made clear. What is clear, however, is that his hands-on management style leaves cabinet officers and senior staff with no room for freelancing.

It appears the Union Leader, as with so many in New Jersey, has fallen for the infamous Christie spin with its endorsement of the Governor. I suspect buyer’s remorse will eventually set in, as it has here, where the Governor’s approval rating has plummeted and the state’s largest newspaper took the unprecedented step of rescinding its endorsement of his re-election bid.

I hope New Hampshire voters don’t make the same mistake.

Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski, District 19
Sayreville, New Jersey